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Old Mandeville Self Guided Walking Tour Brochures

Rue du Lac/Lakeshore Drive

Originally Rue du Lac, this street has been known variously as The Beach Road and Lake Street.

The name was formalized as Lakeshore Drive in the 1980's.

37 houses are included in this lovely 1.5 mile stroll from end to end.

"Along the lake extends a shady alley, which runs beside the white houses with green shutters"  

'Mandeville' by George Dessommes, 1876

Old Mandeville Street Strolls - Landmarks

Start your approximately 7 mile journey by bicycle or car at the Mandeville Trailhead. Meander thru the streets and along the lakefront with 34 stops at local historic landmarks.

"to Mandeville, which nestles near the border of the lake with neighboring villas and charming summer residences stretching along the shore ..... Then came the fury of a tropical storm, succeeded by a magnificent sunset in the midst of clouds of gold and fire seen beyond the great trees."

From a letter by Pere Pierre Alphonse Chocarne, May 17, 1867

Old Mandeville Street Strolls - Historic Churches, Religious Life, and Lost Landmarks

Your journey starts at First Free Mission Baptist Church on Lamarque Street and includes 11 stops across  denominations as well as additional commentaries on lost chapels.

"Beneath thine azure dome Arise the temples built of forest green ....

The Soul, in finding God has found its own self there."

From the writings of Pere Adrien Roquette (1813-1886)

Old Mandeville Historic Site Plaques 2016

Start your day with a visit to the Lang House then wander the streets and see if you can find the first 57 houses to be awarded site plaques.

Old Mandeville Street Strolls - Streets

Learn the fascinating history of how our streets became named as you explore Old Mandeville. "There are heroes, characters, and comrades of the Battle of New Orleans. There are the Founding Fathers and other political figures with direct connections to de Marigny, Louisiana, New Orleans, or all three. And you must not forget those French Revolutionary and Napoleonic military military heroes who doubtless loomed large in the culture of Creole New Orleans". 

All printed brochures are located at the Lang House (available after hours in a basket on the front porch)

Enjoy your strolling!

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