Dr Samuel Hyde

"Forging the Most Curious Region in the South: 
The West Florida Revolt and the Florida Parishes Identity

Sunday, 22 May 2022
2-4 pm

2135 Lakeshore Drive
(sous la maison)

Our speaker

Samuel C Hyde, Jr PhD 

Leon Ford Endowed Chair

Professor of History

Director, Center for Southeast La Studies

Southeastern Louisiana University


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Louisiana's Florida Parishes have arguably endured the most curious pattern of development found anywhere in the United States.  Yet its peculiar history has for generations remained at best a footnote in studies highlighting Louisiana and the wider Gulf South.  The presentation will reveal why the region has been overlooked, while also detailing the aspects of its history and culture that make it exceptional.  Special emphasis will be placed on the era of the West Florida Republic in southeast Louisiana, and how the legacy of the Revolt, especially in the aftermath of the Bicentennial in 2010, have impacted perspectives of our region and hemispheric freedom from Spanish colonialism internationally.