Old Mandeville
      Historic Association
Jean Baptiste Lang House Museum and Gift Shop
605 Carroll Street, Mandeville, LA 70448
Open Wednesday through Friday from 9AM until 4PM and
Saturday from 9AM to Noon

Scroll down to read more about the architectural features that make this structure a historical gem. 

Unlike the "institutional greens" used in the early 20th century, this is an example of the extraordinarily vivid greens used in the mid 1800's.  We are making absolutely every effort to expose and protect this bottom layer of paint. Tom Clark, who is doing the majority of the restoration work, is painstakingly chipping away at the top layers to expose this treasure.

We sure don't need to wonder where the mantle used to be!

Every room had at least one major hole to be repaired do to modern air and heat accommodations. Only old tongue and groove  materials, salvaged from the Lang House, were used.

We still are not positive what kind of chair rail was here. It was only one inch. Likely it I was wood but would have been plaster. Was it simple or ornate? Any ideas?

We are so lucky to have found a small piece of the original chair rail stuck in the corner of the room so as to have a new rail milled to match the old.

Even though this green is from a later period, as compared to the walnut and oak "graining" of the mid 1800's, a section of it will be preserved so as to document that particular stage in the history of the house.

A transom to fit this opening was never found so a new transom had to be hand crafted. Both old wood and old glass were used. 

The heart of pine planks will be exposed above the chair rail in the NW room.  A golden oak faux finish can be seen below the chair rail . Every effort is being made to protect this work of art.

The plan is to expose the bottom layer of color in the SW room. It is a dark walnut stain. We may only be able to expose a section. It is always tempting to show all the generations of color !

This hand hewn beam will not be painted so as to expose the early hewn technique.

In keeping with the philosophy of "First do no harm," the staircase will remain. The stairs are not original to the 1852 house but are likely nearly a century old and will be painted maroonish red and the grayish blue which were the first colors used. This reflects the style and purpose of the evolution of the house.
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